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Fonemo Foto - Fun speech thearpy

Fonemo is an iPad-tool to help children who need to practice speech sounds. It contains simple memory game based on photographs and 5 speech sounds to practice with three difficulty levels. It's a game where you for instance can practice the s-sound. The cards contain words with the current speech sound. Saying words out loud is part of the game. You can record the user's pronunciation and together you can listen to it. A parent, speech therapist or teacher can help.

It's like a game of memory

If you have played the game memory you can play Fonemo. Pair cards with images that are alike. Play two players together or as a single player.

Listen to the words and record your own pronunciation

Saying words out loud is part of the game. You can also turn on a setting to hear the word each time a card is turned. With the help of a microphone you can record the users pronunciation and together you can listen to how it sounds. The recorded sound will play automatically, but you can also press the green play button if you want to listen to it again.

Fonemo is easy to learn but challenging to play

The app is aimed at older users who are at an early level. It contains about 150 photographs and audio on each slide. There are three levels of difficulty which makes Fonemo challenging for various ages. Fonemo is easy to learn. The user does not have to be literate since the game is based on images.


Speech sounds

The speech sounds included in Fonemo in English:

f, g, k, l, r, s

The cards contain words with the current phoneme in the beginning, the middle or in the end. You can also practice the phoneme adjacent to a vowel, a consonant or multiple consonants. In the easy level the speech sound is only adjacent to vowels.

Private Policy

Fonemo Foto do not

  • Transmit data about the user
  • Require users to share personal information
  • Ask for date of birth
  • Collect, transmit, or have the capability to share personal information
  • Include account registration or access a user’s existing account


Who can play

  • Children/yongsters who need to practice speech sounds.
  • Parents who want to practice together with their children.
  • Speech therapists and teachers who want a tool in their education.
  • Children and adults who want memory training. The player gets both visual and hearing input, which means more senses are involved than in an ordinary memory game



How to play Fonemo Foto

The rules are simple. If you have played a traditional game of memory you can play Fonemo.

Turn a card by poking it. Turn a second card. If the two cards look the same, it's a pair. And you have won it!

Single player

If you play as a single player, keep turning the cards until you have paired all cards on the board.

Two players

If you are two players, keep turning the cards until there is a mismatch. Then the turn goes to the other player. A green light will help you keep track on who’s turn it is. When you have matched two cards and got a pair, it is the same players turn again, the green light will then flash to remind you.

Say the word out loud and record your own pronunciation

Every time you turn a card, you hear the word plays. Try saying the word aloud.

  1. Then you can press the microphone below in the right corner. Repeat the word.
  2. Turn the microphone off by pressing it again and then listen
  3. If you want you can press the green play button if you want to listen to it again. 

Start the game

The first time you play Fonemo Foto the settings are for one player, playing with words beginning with an s and with the middle level of difficulty, which is six cards on the table. Just press the orange arrow and the game starts.

When the game ends the orange arrow appears again, if you press it you start with the same settings as the previous game, though some of the images might change.

Change the speech sound

 Press the the speech sound you are interested in on the startpage and the play button.


Playing in different ways through various settings

Change these settings by pressing one of the symbols in the middle of the navigation bar to the left. There you will see

  • the silhouette to change number of players and how they are seated
  • the blue card with an s to change type of words
  • and the symbol for difficulty level, 4, 6 10 cards


Different types of words to choose between

Menu choice: Words starting with an sPlay with words beginning with the speech sound

Menu choice: Words with an s in the middle Play with words with the speech sound in the middle

Menu choice: Words ending with an s Play with words with the speech sound in the end

Menu choice: A mix of words with an s Play with a mix of the words above


The options for number of players and positions are

Play as a single player with no opponent

Play two persons sitting next to each other

Play two persons sitting opposite one another


Difficulty in terms of number of cards

Easy level: 4 cards, words with s + vowel

Medium level: 6 cards, words as easy level and s + usually one consonant*

Hard level: 10 cards, words as medium level and s + multiple consonants*

* if there are these kind of words in the category

Listen to the word

Listen to the word every time you turn a card

Strikethrough; mutes the sound on the cards

Restart the game

Whenever you are done with the changes in the settings you can start a new game by using the reset arrow in the lower, left bottom corner of the screen.


Do you need more help?

Do you have any questions regarding Fonemo? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fonemo Foto


Speech sounds

f, g, k, l r, s